Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria for catalyst projects:

Catalyst projects are data use initiatives run and delivered in partnership between Government agencies, businesses, and NGOs. They will demonstrate the potential value of greater data use, inform best practice, help improve ethical frameworks for data use, and build a greater public appetite for data sharing.

The selection criteria are:

  • Emphasis on attacking difficult real world problems (value)

  • Involving willing public and private sector participants

  • Likely to demonstrate value of data-use to a wider audience, build trust, and/or provide some system learning

  • Each project includes experimentation and innovation in at least one data-use aspect: trust, inclusion, control, as well as value

  • Explicitly time limited (each stage no more than 4-6 months)

  • Moderate certainty of success, low cost of failure (fail fast)

  • Where there are well-developed innovative projects that present clear benefits don’t meet all criteria, they may still be considered

Selection Criteria - Our Principles:

Proposals should include experimentation and innovation around at least one of these three core principles:

  • Inclusion – All parts of New Zealand society should have the opportunity to benefit from data use
  • Trust – data management in New Zealand should build trust and confidence in our institutions
  • Control – individuals should have greater control over the use of their personal data

All proposals must address the Partnership’s fourth principle:

Value - New Zealand should use data to drive economic and social value and create a competitive advantage.

Important Documents:

Full details of the Tranche 2 process are available here [PDF, 1 MB].