About the Partnership

There are huge economic, social and environmental opportunities from treating our data as a national strategic asset. The Data Futures Partnership has been created to help lead the development of a data-use system that will create value for all New Zealanders by making better use of our data.

The Partnership is an independent group that is partly funded by Government to work with all New Zealanders to create the right systems, settings and conditions to allow our data to be put to work making New Zealand a better place.

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GOVIS 2016

Our Chair, Dame Diane Robertson spoke at the GOVIS 2016conference recently. She gave an introduction to the Data Futures Partnership and spoke about plans for the rest of the year, including the expectation for new catalyst projects to be announced over the next few weeks.

She answered lots of great questions around data standards as well as data use across the social services sector. The Partnership will soon be setting out how it will engage with a broad cross-section of New Zealanders about data sharing and use.


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