About the Partnership

The Data Futures Partnership exists to drive trusted data use and strengthen New Zealand's data ecosystem.

The opportunity

The volume of data held by public and private sectors is growing exponentially and there is potential to create more value by effectively sharing and using many types of data, including open data and personal data.

Data-driven innovation has been estimated as contributing $2.4 billion to gross value added in New Zealand in 2014. If New Zealand adopts data-driven innovation at the same average rate estimated for Australian business, the value would be $4.8 billion per annum. 

The key to achieving more data-driven innovation is harnessing the energy of organisational leaders, data users and innovators to make a difference for NZ.

The Partnership

The Partnership is an independent ministerial advisory group created to make a positive impact across the data-use ecosystem, by bringing together a cross-sector group of influential individuals who can work together and provide a collective voice on data issues.

It has been mandated by Cabinet to engage with citizens, the private sector, and non-government organisations to help drive change across New Zealand’s data-use ecosystem. A dedicated Working Group drives the overall programme of work and core deliverables for the Partnership, and a Secretariat based at Stats NZ supports the overall work programme.

Realising the value of data in an ethical, inclusive and trusted way will deliver benefits to all New Zealanders. When it is safe to share and good to share data, we are likely to support social capital and trust in institutions, and to create economic value.

The Data Futures Forum

The Data Futures Partnership is following on from the work of the New Zealand Data Futures Forum that was set up to explore the opportunities, risks and benefits of sharing data. The Partnership has been tasked with taking the ideas and findings of the Forum and creating the data-use ecosystem that it envisioned. It has been designed to embody the four principles of value, inclusion, trust and control. 

For more information about the Data Futures Forum please visit nzdatafutures.org.nz

Media requests

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