Our Data Our Way Launch

Today, we are launching Our Data Our Way, giving New Zealanders an opportunity to give their views on how our data is used and shared.

Every day we share bits of information about ourselves. This might be on social media, or using a supermarket loyalty card. It could be when we visit the GP, speak to a Government agency, or even give information to an employer. There are often many benefits to sharing this information, including better services and products.

However, New Zealanders have never really been asked before how they feel about the ways their data is used. Our Data Our Way gives New Zealanders a chance to have their say. Anyone can get involved by using a new online tool(external link). The tool uses different examples to explore people’s views about what data use is acceptable and under what circumstances their trust and confidence increases.  

The Data Futures Partnership will use what it learns from this online tool, as well as 27 face-to-face workshops happening across the country, to write guidelines.These practical guidelines will be designed to help organisations build the trust and confidence of the people whose data they are collecting and using.

Please do give the tool a go at www.ourdataourway.nz(external link) and share it with other people you know. We want as many people in New Zealand as possible to take part.

I will continue to keep you updated on what we learn and there will be further opportunities to get involved as the Data Futures Partnership drafts the guidelines.