November Newsletter 2016

While last week's earthquake meant that the Data Futures secretariat was left without an office for a few days, our activity hasn't stopped.  We are so grateful to all those who have offered us support. People have provided us with all sorts of help including office space and spare computers. This has meant that we have been able to continue to work with minimal disruption and remain on track.
On Tuesday, we co-hosted the 4th Data Hui, held at the Beehive. The focus of the day was on breaking down barriers and social investment. You can read some of the presentations from the Hui here (external link) . We used this as an opportunity to engage with a cross-section of NGOs and Iwi, as well as public sector workers, to develop our social licence work and test scenarios we can use to stimulate discussion with New Zealanders. It was a really interesting interactive session and we left with lots to think about as we continue to plan our conversation with New Zealanders which will explore people's views on how their data can be used and shared. Over the summer we will be running a series of workshops across the country - more details will be available very soon.
The Partnership has also been focusing on identifying key barriers to data sharing in New Zealand's ecosystem - thanks to all those who have already shared their thoughts. We have started to identify broad themes which we will explore further. These include issues related to the availability and usability of data collected, as well as institutional challenges which mean data is not always being made available for wider use. Over the coming weeks, we will be looking at these barriers in more depth and publishing a draft report shortly.

Do please get in touch if you want any further information about our work.