October Newsletter 2016

What is stopping more effective data sharing and innovation in New Zealand? There are, of course, many examples of data being used to improve service provision or support us in our day-to-day lives. But we also know that there are lots of opportunities that aren’t yet being realised.  

That is why the Data Futures Partnership has developed a “Diagnose & Fix” work stream. We want to identify some of the key barriers in New Zealand’s data system. The ones that people in different sectors face and struggle to overcome. This might include issues related to capability – struggling to find people with the skills to use complex data. Or it might be confusion around what the Privacy Act allows people to do with personal data. Several of these are being confronted by our catalyst projects (external link) .

We hope to publish our initial ideas on the key barriers next month to get feedback and understand them further. 

If you have any thoughts, please do let us know – we would love to hear from you. Of course, finding the barriers is the easier part of our work. We will also seek to address them and work with others to “fix” the problems we identify.

Our conversation with New Zealanders

Last week we ran a workshop in Dunedin which explored the idea of a social licence for data use with people from the local business community as well as the public sector. On Monday we held a roundtable for senior people working for corporate organisations.  It was really interesting to learn more about the challenges faced by the private sector when it comes to using and sharing people’s personal data.

Over the coming weeks we will be running similar sessions across the country. If you know of a group or organisation that is keen to be involved, please get in touch.