March Newsletter 2017

Throughout the last 5 weeks we have been travelling the country and running Our Data Our Way workshops. Hundreds of New Zealanders have taken part and it has been so interesting listening to people talk about how they think their data should be used and shared. The final workshops will take place next week (including one with a group of college students).

 Thousands more have got involved by using an online version of the workshops at link). If you haven’t already done so, do give it a go and encourage other people you know to take a look. Once you complete the online workshop you can see how you compare with other New Zealanders who have taken part. We will be using what we learn to develop practical guidelines designed to help organisations build the trust of those whose data they want to use


It has also been a busy time for our catalyst projects. Last week, 2Shakes(external link), a GovTech start-up we have supported, announced its move to make online signatures safer by using Blockchain(external link) technology and cryptology. 2Shakes is a cloud software solution that simplifies the client sign-up process for professionals like bookkeepers, accountants, lawyers and financial advisors. They have addressed one of the barriers to people using electronically signed documents which is that it can be difficult to prove a document hasn’t been tampered with after signing. Using a Blockchain means that professionals using 2Shakes can prove that the original signed document existed at a particular time, and has not been altered since.

 We’re recruiting

Our secretariat is recruiting for a position to cover parental leave and support our catalyst programme. It will be an exciting time to join the team. Over the coming months we will be working closely with our catalysts to capture the learnings of each project and run an evaluation of this work stream. Take a look at the job advert here(external link).

 This autumn, the Partnership will also be investing in new projects focused on using data to tackle real world problems. We will be providing more details about this third investment phase shortly.

 In the meantime, do get in touch with any questions about our work.