December Newsletter 2016

It’s been a busy year and I thought I would use our last newsletter of 2016 as an opportunity to summarise where we are across all of our work streams.

Catalyst Projects

We have had a fantastic few days meeting several of our projects in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. There are 19 catalysts using data to tackle real world problems. As the projects develop, we have been gathering the learnings. It is encouraging to see how the goal of sharing data brings people together, with the additional benefit of learning more about another business or agency and forming new collaborations. A major challenge encountered relates to data quality and an absence of data standards. This is an area the Data Futures Partnership Working Group will explore further. Early in the New Year we will also publish case studies and a summary of what we have learnt so far.

There is more information about our catalyst projects here (external link) .

Social Licence for Data Use

The Partnership has consulted with a wide range of not-for-profit, government agencies and corporates to inform our social licence conversation and improve our understanding of the challenges different organisations face. Participants at the data hui held at the Beehive last month provided valuable feedback on our proposed methodology.

A lot of effort has been put into preparing for around 30 workshops which will kick-off in communities across the country from the end of January. In these workshops we will be working through different data sharing scenarios to understand people’s levels of comfort. The workshops will be supported by an online tool set to launch early in the New Year. We will be using what we learn to inform guidelines designed to support organisations using personal data. The Partnership will consult widely on the draft guidelines to ensure they are a useful resource for data users and reflect the views of people in New Zealand. I am really excited about getting the workshops underway – the conversations are going to be really interesting.

You can read some of the research we commissioned to inform our social licence work here (external link) .

Diagnose and Fix

As we talk to people we learn more about the obstacles getting in the way of New Zealand getting the most value out of data.  In February we will be publishing a report identifying some of these major barriers and suggest ways in which they could be overcome. As a next step, the Partnership will explore possible fixes in more depth. In January we will also begin work looking into the re-identification of individuals from anonymous datasets and consider the ways in which New Zealand could approach this challenge.