Announcing the Data Futures Partnership Working Group

We are delighted to let you know that Cabinet has appointed Dame Diane Robertson to Chair the Data Futures Partnership.

The Ministers of Finance and Statistics will be publicly announcing the Working Group on Saturday 17 October, and we would appreciate you keeping this information private until then.

Dame Diane is the outgoing Auckland City Missioner, and has extensive experience using data to create value in the social services sector. She is joined on the Working Group by:

  • Lillian Grace – CEO of Figure NZ
  • Stephen England-Hall – CEO of Loyalty NZ
  • Professor Miriam Lips – Chair in Digital Government at Victoria University School of Government
  • Professor Rhema Vaithianathan – Director of the Centre for Applied Research in Economics AUT
  • Tina Porou – Head of Communications and Sustainability at Contact Energy
  • John Whitehead – former Secretary of The Treasury  (Special Advisor to the Chair)   

The Working Group will start immediately, in particular working towards establishing the Partnership and identifying catalyst projects. We will be in touch again soon about our next steps.
If you have any questions regarding the appointments, or their public announcement, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. More information is also available on the new (external link)  website and via twitter (external link)