Identifying the Barriers

The Data Futures Partnership was created by ministers to strengthen the data ecosystem and drive more trusted data use in New Zealand.

Through its Diagnose & Fix work stream the Partnership identifies challenges or barriers to data sharing and is working with others to develop solutions to them.  The Partnership commissioned Sapere Research Group to identify specific barriers, which if overcome, could generate the most value for New Zealand.  The two reports summarise Sapere’s findings and explore what the researchers found to be the most significant barriers in more detail.  In the second report, possible ways of approaching each of the major barriers are suggested.

The purpose of this research project was to guide the Partnership’s thinking and help us to determine where to focus our effort.  It was not intended to be exhaustive and identify every barrier to data sharing. In addition, our data innovation catalysts also contribute valuable ‘real world’ experience of the barriers to data innovation encountered as well as efforts made to overcome these. We are keen to hear from the people who may have come across other data sharing obstacles which they feel need to be resolved.

While some work is already taking place to tackle these barriers, the Partnership, with its cross-sector remit can add a different perspective and we will work with others to develop and test potential solutions.  In particular, the Partnership will work to map existing activity to better understand progress being made and identify areas where additional effort is needed.

This report has a strong focus on Government data, but the barriers affect both the private and public sectors.  In many cases, the challenges identified stand in the way of the private organisations extracting more value (economic and social) from Government data as they make the data difficult to access or use.  Our work to address the barriers identified will therefore be of benefit to the non-Government sector. 

As well as helping to guide the Partnership’s further work in this area, this research should also be of use to those committed to supporting more effective data use and sharing in New Zealand. 

What’s next?

The Partnership will:

  • Actively share and discuss the reports’ findings with leaders across the public and private sectors.  The Partnership wants build a shared understanding, learn about additional challenges to data sharing and use and catalyse efforts to find solutions.
  • Undertake further research into the Danish Basic Data Initiative and other approaches to data sharing overseas, and consider whether elements of these approaches could be introduced successfully in New Zealand to achieve greater value from data.
  • Map New Zealand’s data ecosystem to identify current and planned activity focused on tackling the barriers identified in the reports.  This will highlight system wide initiatives, identify the gaps, enable targeting of efforts and resources, collaboration and transparency.

This work will inform the Partnerships thinking, advice and recommendations around future activity, investment and priorities to develop a high value, trusted Zealand data eco-system in New Zealand.