Diagnose and Fix


The Partnership provides independent, cross-sector advice to Government and the private sector on current and emerging data issues.  This includes working to identify barriers or challenges which stand in the way of more effective data use in New Zealand.

Our advice will help inform policy and practice, support decision making by  ministers, and help data practitioners in the public and private sector to create a more effective data-use environment. 

You can read about our research into barriers to data sharing here.

This research has been both validated and advanced as a result of our catalysts projects and the conversations Data Futures has had with businesses, NGO, start-up enterprise and government agencies. A description of these barriers can be found here [PDF, 471 KB].


Following on from the analysis of barriers, the Partnership commissioned research to explore international approaches that could be adapted for the New Zealand environment. While New Zealand is very different from Estonia, Denmark and Singapore some ideas have emerged that could be worthwhile pursuing to resolve barriers. The report [PDF, 2.1 MB] is intended to inform discussion and ideas for future system design and investment. An interactive tool has also been developed that allows people to select different combinations of solutions and consider the impact they may have on data sharing barriers. Give this theoretical model a go and use it to create discussion within your teams and organisations.

We are also compiling information on existing initiatives from across the system that will make a real difference to realising value from our data assets. Together these initiatives will provide significant insights and choice for the future of the New Zealand data system.

The Diagnose and Fix work complements our recently published guidelines on social licence for trusted data use, which we encourage you to review, consider and provide feedback (external link) .